7 May 2013

DIAB launches online core selection guide

DIAB International AB unveiles its online core selection guide. The first of its kind, DIAB has developed the tool to help customers quickly and easily narrow down their choices to the cores best suited to their applications.

The Core Selection Guide is available online at DIAB’s website (www.diabgroup.com/coreselectionguide).
Intuitive navigation and simple instructions guide users through the selection process based on their chosen industry and/or the factors that apply for their requirements and conditions. Recommended cores are listed with a convenient side-by-side comparison option. Users can review detailed data sheets for their selected products directly via the comparison list. DIAB also makes it easy for users to ask specific questions about any of the cores on their list via a direct contact form.

DIAB points out that, although detailed, accurate and easy to use, the core selection guide is a reference only. The company recommends consulting experts for a thorough evaluation before making a final material choice.

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