7 April 2013

Quantum Composites introduces new carbon fiber moulding compound

Quantum Composites unveils AMC-8590-50, a carbon reinforced advanced molding compound (AMC) for high volume automotive applications, which offers superior cost, weight and performance advantages.

Designed to replace steel, aluminum and many traditional composites, AMC-8590-50 delivers the cost, weight and performance targets needed by the automotive engineer to develop lighter weight structural and semi-structural solutions for better fuel efficiency.

AMC-8590-50 utilizes high tow 50K carbon fiber reinforcement and is the latest innovation in Quantum’s lightweighting compression molding family of compounds ideally suited for structural and semi structural applications. 

Quantum’s carbon fiber reinforced advanced molding compounds include a low filament tow count of 3K, mid-range offerings of 12K and 24K, and a high tow count of 50K. Compounds with these carbon fiber reinforcements are available in various chopped lengths (12, 25, 50 mm) as well as in continuous fibers (unidirectional & woven). AMC continuous fiber versions can be co-molded with AMC chopped fiber compounds for local reinforcement or as stand-alone material solutions.

AMC carbon fiber materials are available in various resin matrices such as Vinyl Ester AMC-8500 & AMC-8500HT High Temp series, Epoxy Lytex 4100 series, Phenolic AMC-2500 series, and Bismaleimide (BMI) HTC-9500 series.


More information: www.quantumcomposites.com

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