21 Giu
Gurit launches balsa low resin uptake technology
THE UVOTEC coating technology for its Balsaflex balsa core materials significantly reduces the quantity of resin absorbed during processing, without compromising adhesion to the laminate, reports Gurit....
7 Giu
Composite moulding – why consider reusable vacuum bags?
This article discusses the use of reusable vacuum bags made of silicone and their advantages over conventional consumables. Between 2004 and 2006 producers of moulding silicone began offering two-component...
7 Mag
DIAB launches online core selection guide
DIAB International AB unveiles its online core selection guide. The first of its kind, DIAB has developed the tool to help customers quickly and easily narrow down their choices to the cores best suited...
2 Mag
Toray licenses polyamide honeycomb technology
Toray is working with Japanese firm Itochu and Belgium-based EconCore to license EconCore's ThermHex polyamide honeycomb technology for use in sandwich constructions. After preliminary process and product...
7 Apr
MIT team develops carbon fibers coated with carbon nanotubes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have produced carbon fibers coated with carbon nanotubes that reportedly do not compromise the mechanical integrity of the base fibers. The Massachusetts...