26 Ago
Trailblazing thermoplastics for wind turbine blades
Wind turbine blades are usually made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy. But with the wind power industry growing fast, the quest is on to find less time consuming production processes. Yes, if we could only...
29 Lug
Analisi NDT ad ultrasuoni
Prosegue con notevole successo l'attività LINSET di controllo dei manufatti tramite tecnica ad ultrasuoni, che si conferma come metodo principe all'interno della propria gamma di Controlli Non Distruttivi....
12 Lug
Ferretti Yachts new flagship is unveiled
Over the last few days Ferretti Groups Cattolica shipyard and the northern Adriatic coast towns dock hosted the launch of the first hull of the Ferretti 960. The launching ceremony was a highly exciting...
7 Lug
Methacrylate adhesives show their strength
Due to their ability to join dissimilar materials, structural adhesives are rapidly gaining market share at the expense of other conventional joining and fastening methods, for a growing list of assembly...
21 Giu
Gurit launches balsa low resin uptake technology
THE UVOTEC coating technology for its Balsaflex balsa core materials significantly reduces the quantity of resin absorbed during processing, without compromising adhesion to the laminate, reports Gurit....